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strength & Performance Coaching

As a certified personal trainer with a Master's Degree in Strength & Conditioning, I will develop safe, efficient, results-oriented programs that fit into your schedule and help you achieve your goals.

Your first step is to contact me for a consultation where we will discuss your health and fitness goals. I will conduct a thorough physical fitness assessment. Using the results of your evaluation, I will design and lead you through a training program specific for you to look, feel and perform at your best. 

Physical Fitness Evaluations Include…

  • Anthropometrics (Height, Weight, Body-fat %, Circumference measurements, etc)

  • Postural Alignment

  • Breathing Mechanics

  • Gait Mechanics (walking, running, jumping)

  • Flexibility & Mobility

  • Core Function & Balance

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Strength, Speed, Power, Agility, Endurance

  • Muscle Balance & Strength-to-Weight Ratio

  • Infant Development

  • Primal Movement Patterns

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