Your Journey, Your Words

While everyone's specific goals, level of fitness, commitments and inspirations are different, I hope that these successful stories help inspire you with what is possible with a passionate coach helping you along the way!

Eric Dosal

Miami, Florida

"Coach Shirazi changed the game for me when it comes to health & wellness.  I originally signed up to get some help with physical fitness but then quickly uncovered his holistic approach to long term wellness which focuses on making me a top performer in my life.  Over the past year I have seen material improvements in my physique, my movement, my sleep and my overall well being. He’s a staple in my weekly life and together we tackle race horses!"

Sophia Policastro

Miami, Florida

"A serious back injury kept me from doing what I loved most: ballet. I struggled with back pain every single day, and I’m only 23! Hamad has showed me that we should never be held back from doing what we love. He gave me the tools and knowledge to strengthen not only my back but my body as a whole. I no longer have back pain and I am finally at a place where I can dance again and that means more to me than anything. Aside from the strength and confidence I’ve gained since working with him, I’ve also managed to find body peace, which as a ballet dancer is a hard feat. The process has been challenging and sometimes frustrating but I am so much happier now that I can do the things I love without worrying about pain!"

Mike Maseda

Miami, Florida

“Coach Shirazi has exposed me to a totally different perspective on health and wellness. While I was always focused on strength training, he has taught me about the importance of breathing, nutrition, mobility and mindset. Frankly, I was shocked that someone so young has gained such mastery in the area of wellness. Hamad not only understands these principles, but knows how to communicate them and guide you through real transformation. Hamad has a true passion for his clients' wellbeing, continuous learning and integrating the best of many wellness disciplines. Hamad's energy is infectious. He will get more out of you than you thought possible!”

Sharon Luhrssen

Miami, Florida

"I first sought out Hamad's services to assist me with physical training.  With Hamad's guidance, I began to make improvements in my life right away. Through his support, knowledge and words of encouragement I came to a better understanding of myself. It has not only been physical training, but a spiritual journey as well.  He has helped me to make my health and fitness a priority. My time with Hamad has been very powerful and meaningful. This journey has given me more confidence, passion and balance in my life."

Brian Dosal

Miami, Florida

"Like my brother says, Coach Shirazi is an absolute game changer when it comes to wellness coaching, instruction, guidance, etc.  His breadth of knowledge is seriously unmatched (i've tested it!) but even more impressive is his genuine passion and enthusiasm for making his clients healthier and better people.  If you want to improve your overall wellness, without a doubt your first call should be to Coach Shirazi." 

Marc Cabrera

Miami, Florida

“Coach Shirazi fundamentally changed what had been a lifelong approach to fitness from ‘grueling’ to energizing and transformed my journey to complete a half ironman into one that transformed my very approach to fitness. I met Coach Shirazi when I sought out the help of a fitness trainer to augment my ironman training regimen. What I learned quickly was the his approach to fitness was a truly holistic one in which my swim-bike-run workouts actually became supportive of an overall approach to feeling energized, to re-conditioning my body and to a much deeper understanding of the impact of my nutrition and mindset on my fitness. What I experienced immediately was that my ‘workouts’ left me actually feeling BETTER and ENERGIZED, which allowed me to train even better on my runs and rides. He is a unique individual who experiments constantly in his own life to determine what really works and what really matters in leading a truly fit and healthy existence. Much of what I learned from Coach Shirazi I adopted almost immediately because of how dramatically it changed my own health. He espouses an approach to fitness that is invigorating and life expanding and it’s clear that this is his calling. Keep up the great work!"

Anthony Guadamuz

Miami, Florida

“Coach Shirazi impressed me with his thorough assessment and personalized movement-based intervention. I have taken what he has taught me and applied it ever since! I see dramatic differences in the informed manner he guides toward strength and conditioning as opposed to what I was accustomed to with the typical exercise routine. I’m grateful to have come across such a well-rounded Coach and look forward to optimizing with his insights!"

Dr. Farheen Shirazi

Atlanta, Georgia

"You changed my life brother- you helped me see myself and opened me up to a world of self-acceptance, love and joy! Thank you and I love you!"

Dr. Floyd Rosen

Miami, Florida

"I fortunately discovered Hamad to help me stay in shape despite the fact that I am a "senior". I have only had half a dozen sessions with Hamad and am again playing tennis and jogging after a 10 year hiatus."

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